My first visit to Pattaya

It was 2012 the last weekend of October.  The first break of the Thai school year was wrapping up and I had plans to visit the rock star at his home in Ubon.  I worked through the break with my private students banking the money for my trip.  The night before I was to leave, the elusive rockstar did not answer the phone.  The time for my bus to leave came and went before he finally picked up.  When he did he cancelled and I was furious.  I promptly called the friend I moved to Thailand with, PATTAYA  Bobb an decided to make a road trip to Pattaya for my 4 day holiday.  I will be damned if I let a man ruin my vacation time.  I work too hard for my time off.

I set off on my journey arriving in Pattaya by mid afternoon from Suphan Buri.  I got checked into the Citin Garden Hotel.  My friend who works in Bangkok helped me book it.  I managed to get o a songtew from Sukhumvit and made it to Pattaya Beach where I found a motorcycle Taxi to take me the rest of the way to the Beer Garden at the mouth of Walking Street.

I have been dating a Thai man for several months at this point and my basic Thai was pretty good.  The taxi driver was loving it.  We had to stop for directions at least three times and drive in several circles before we found the Beer Garden.  It is always an adventure in this country.

I arrived and Bobb was waiting for me at a table near the water.  It was nearing sunset and we had time to catch up with one another.  We hadn’t talked in person since May when we had finished the TEFL course we took together i Koh Samui.  We drank beer for several hours then decided it was time for us to play tourist and guide.

We hit Walking Street so I could say I had done it.  We had a cocktail in sevedal different go go bars and then he l